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Over two years the project has brought together Registered Sign Language Interpreters (RSLI’s) with Actors; Directors; Choreographers; Composers; Sound, Light, Audio Visual, Set & Costume Designers; Writers and Dramaturgs; Producers, Programmers, Marketers and Deaf Audience Members as part of Creative Licht’s Knowledge Exchange Programme.

After each Knowledge Exchange Session, a Masterclass was facilitated by a professional in their field and was an opportunity for interpreters to focus on learning a new skill or developing new strategies for performance.

Creative Licht workshops were facilitated by Catherine King and K. Yvonne Strain:

Catherine King
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K. Yvonne Strain
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Masterclasses were led by the following practitioners:

Headshot of Mel Drake, a middle aged woman with curly hair and a kind smile.
Mel Drake
Nadine George Voice Technique
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Headshot of a middle aged man, slightly balding and wearing glasses.
Douglas Maxwell
Text Analysis
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Headshot of Alan, a middle aged man with short brown hair.
Alan McHugh
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Head shot of middle aged Japanese woman with ear length black hair and in a yellow jumper.
Chisato Minamimura
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Headshot of a man with short hair and a goatee
Tim Licata
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  • Euan McLaren – Technical Language
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  • Suzanne Goldberg – Development of Embedded Interpretation
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