Catherine King has been a BSL/English interpreter since 1994 covering education, social services, medicine and the courts. She specialised in higher education for a number of years which included 10 years as a trainer of interpreters on both the Undergraduate Certificate and Post-Graduate Diploma in Interpreting at Heriot Watt University. Her first interpreted performance was on the stage of the Kilmarnock Palace in 1998 and, in the intervening 2 decades, she has honed a style of work that attempts to offer both the company and audience an innovative way of engaging with theatre. She works with a number of companies and theatre makers including the National Theatre of Scotland, the Citizen’s Theatre, The Tron Theatre and Theatre GuLeor.  Catherine has also specialised in stand-up comedy interpreting, working closely with a number of performers including Adam Hills and Frankie Boyle. She appears in Adam Hills’ DVDs Happyism (2013) and Clown Heart (2017).

Catherine is currently a PhD candidate at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a thesis focusing on the dramaturgy of performance interpreting and the mediating body of the interpreter.